A Simple, New Way To Run Your Own Online Courses

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 11:30 am, Posted by Jeff Dunn 1 | TOOLS

Despite the backlash against Khan Academy and the controversial evolution of online schools, it’s clear that bringing education online is a big part of tomorrow’s schools. If you’ve been looking for a simple and relatively hassle-free way to do so, I’ve got good news for you.

First, let’s look at the current options. You could create apodcast or a YouTube video but neither of those are interactive. You could use WizIQBlackboard, or a few other solutions. But if you’re like me, you want to completely own your whole platform and be able to change absolutely anything to ensure the best user experience.

I just stumbled across an upcoming WordPress theme that foots the bill quite nicely. If you thought WordPress was just blogging software, it’s time to take a second look. The latest version of WordPress is robust enough to help you create anything from a classroom blog to an advanced online course system complete with interactive quizzes and payment portals. Not too shabby.

The new theme hasn’t been released yet but will likely be quite soon. If you’re a fan of WordPress, then implementing this theme should likely be a walk in the park. I’m a fan of WooThemes and know they’re up to the challenge. This isn’t a paid advertisement or anything like that. Just a fan who thinks this new theme would really help some of Edudemic’s readers. Here’s a rundown of what the theme will be able to do (according to the website):

LMS is an app theme allowing one the functionality to run a course/training program through their WordPress powered websites. Whether you want teach french, how to play the guitar or even how to build a WordPress website, LMS provides you all the facilities to do so through videos, articles and assignments. WithWooCommerce integration you can charge a once off, or monthly fee for your course.

Take a look at LMS’s features below:

Offer one or more courses

Set up your one or more courses in the LMS backend and the theme will take care of presenting it beautifully on the homepage.

Charge for your courses

Users can register for your free courses easily, or quickly checkout paying for a commercial course thanks to WooCommerce integration.

Learner login system

Once a learner has registered for a course they can login to your site to access the course work and training materials, e.g. videos, quizzes, articles and assignments. As detailed below.

Learner dashboard

On your dashboard a learner can see an overview of the courses you are taking, as well as the course notes. You can view your progress on the course timeline indicator and mark is as complete when appropriate.

Course overview page

From the dashboard a learner can navigate to the particular course page where you can interact with other classmates, and view the table of contents of the course work.

Submit assignments

Potentially we’ll offer teachers the ability to request assignments of the learners to be submitted and reviewed in order to reach various milestones of the course outline.

Various course materials

There are various types of course material your course can consist of. A learner can watch videos, read course material notes and view slideshows. Each of these course material types have a dedicated, beautifully designed page.


A teacher can require tests/quizzes to be answered, in the form of multiple-choice Q & A’s, in order to finish a course and determine their level of understanding of the coursework.